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MOVE - Move a component from one location to another  


MOV [<component>[<layer>]] { [[:P] <xysel>] | [:R <xy1> <xy2>] xyref xynewref } ... <EOC>  


MOves a component in the current device. Can be optionally restricted to move only a specified <component> and <layer>. In any case, only components which have been made modifiable by the SHOW command can be moved.

Components to be moved can be selected either by point or by region. The default mode is select by point. However, if you change to select by region with :R, you can later change back with :P. The selection mode is "sticky" so you can do multiple moves of the same type without re-entering the option.

When selecting by point, an <xysel> selects and highlights the component to be moved. A bounding box is displayed after the <xyref> reference point is given. The box tracks the mouse until the final location of the reference point is given by <xynewref>. Either a double click on <xynewwref> or an EOC will finalize the move. Until finalized, multiple <xynewref> points can be given to fine tune the placement. EOC does not terminate the command, but will still allow for further MOVes to be made.

The :R options allows selection by region. A bounding box is selected with <xy1> and <xy2>. A rubberband rectangle will be displayed once <xy1> is entered. When <xy2> is entered, the box is remembered, but erased. When the <xyref> reference point is given, the bounding box is redisplayed. The box tracks the mouse until the final location of the reference point is given by <xynewref>.



A designator limiting the command to a given component. One of E=everything, A=arc, C=circle, I=instances, L=lines, N=notes, O=oval, P=polygons, R=rectangles, T=text, or a valid instance name. If an instance name is given, only instances of that name will be selected. If no <component> is given, then components of any type may be selected.
Layer number, "0" or omitted designates all layers. Not used when <component> is an instance name.
A point to select the component to be moved.
A reference point on the component.
The new location for the reference point after the move.
Move by Point (default). Move the single component closest to <xysel>.
Move by Region. Identify zero or more components whose bounding boxes are entirely contained within the rectangular region defined by <xy1> & <xy2>. When selecting by region, a rubber-banded rectangle will be drawn after the first coordinate to help the user define the region.


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