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Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 13:47:03 PDT

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:47:03 -0400
From: Bryan and Leslie Lorber <>
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Subject: Introduction

Hello Everyone:
I am newly subscribed to this list and would like to introduce myself.
My name is Bryan and I live in Northern Vermont.
My first CP experience was in 1974 when my Dad gave me a copy of the
new book "Carnivorous Plants" by Randall Schwartz. After several
failures with Dionaea the book was shelved and life went on. A few
months ago I came across that same book and once again my interest was
I have always had an interest in botany and now with improved resources
like an income, education and the internet it has become possible to try
again. After reading "The Savage Garden" (outstanding book) I contacted
Peter D'Amato who sold me a variety of CPs. My two favorites: N.alata
which has done wonderfully developing numerous large healthy pitchers
and U.livida which arrived resembling a flattened mud ball and now
carpets a 4" pot with emerald green topped with dozens of flowers. I
also have D.capensis and spatulata; S. flava and purpurea; P.
moranensis; and of course, the requisite Dionaea (this time I won't fee
it hamburger :-)!!) Curiously, I'm having the most difficulty with the
sundews. They grow but don't develop much "dew" . Also the tips of the
capensis turn brown despite frequent misting. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated.

A strange thing has happened, I have become overwhelmingly fascinated by
Utrics.( just purchased Taylor's monograph). There is something so
wonderfully subtle about Urtics. I find them very exciting!! Just last
week I purchased U.subulata, dichtoma, and bisquamata. Like my earlier
purchase, they don't look so hot. If my livida is any indication,
however, I 'm sure looking forward to their future. Of course, winter is
coming and despite having large windows and an unobstructed SE exposure,
there is just so much winter sun at this latitude. Might I have to wait
until Spring to enjoy a full floral display?

Well, thanks for listening. Look forward to learning a lot. This is
certainly a wonderful hobby.

Best Regards,

P.S. Mail just arrived with my first two issues of CPN. Looks great!!

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