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Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 06:41:50 PDT

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 09:41:50 EDT
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>Question: Is this the wrong time of the year to get
>some cp plants to start experimenting with? I've

If you are going to grow them inside under lights, there really isn't a
bad time to get them, as long as weather permits for shipping! As far
as getting the most instand gratification from then, the best growth is
in the spring and summer. While dormant, they will still grow some
small traps... but nothing impressive for sure. You might want to get
some tropical sundews which grow year round, so the terrarium will still
have some nice plants during the "winter". So, your call on how soon
you want to start :)

>killed all I've tried in the past but understand why
>thanks to this new book. Am planning on trying the
>fishtank greenhouse method to see if I can finally
>succeed. Will also get some purified water.

You could collect rain water off your roof in a 5 gallon bucket... Also
use the water from your dehumidifier in the winter. Fill empty gallon
milk jugs with a fish tank siphon for easy pouring.

>I'm sure
>our water, with a ph out of the faucet of 9.5 or more,
>is the PRIMARY reason my plants always died.

the only other thing you have to do is make sure they get enough light.
They will quickly etiolate and lose color if they aren't getting
adequate light. And the traps will likely fail to develop correctly.
Outside of that, the only other thing I would suggest is a timer to turn
the lights on and off automatically. Makes life a lot easier!

>Who would be the best and least expensive supplier to
>get some starters from? I am thinking of concentrating
>on venus fly traps for now.

The cheapest source of a few plants is most likely a local greenhouse.
You can pick up the standard VFT and possibly a S. purpurea, odd ping or
nepenthes. Only draw back is that they may already be half dead. We do
have a sale page with several color and mutant forms of the VFT if you
would like to stop by for a look.

Take care & hope this helps,

-Thomas Hayes & Craig Gardner

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