Drosera auriculata - hardiness?

From: Elliot Smith (e.smith@cs.bham.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 06:06:53 PDT

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 14:06:53 +0100
From: Elliot Smith <e.smith@cs.bham.ac.uk>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
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Subject: Drosera auriculata - hardiness?

Hello all,

Today I was looking through some discarded pots of soil outside and
found Drosera auriculata growing from an old pot, deep in shade, and
looking very healthy. It's quite possible it grew from a tuber left in
the pot when I dug out the others for storage. As this plant looks a lot
healthier than the ones indoors, I was wondering whether it might be
better to leave it out there.

I live in Birmingham (UK), where winter lows reach perhaps -5C or so
infrequently; frosts can sometimes last from early-evening to
mid-afternoon the next day, at temperatures hovering around 0C. Last
year I had some Sarrs which froze solid for 12 hours or so (and
recovered OK). The plant is in a peat:sand (1:2) mix and not in a water
tray, just sitting in the shade of a bush.

Would Drosera auriculata survive these temperatures, perhaps if
protected from winter wet and cold in a frame? (Paul Temple suggests it
could in his book.) Anyone had experience with this species outdoors?


Elliot Smith
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
email: e.smith@cs.bham.ac.uk
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