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Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 07:55:59 PST

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:55:59 +0800
From: Peter Cole <>
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Subject: Re: Introduction

        Hi Ted,

        welcome to the mailing list. Yes, you'll find they're very addictive
        things indeed! :)

> I am new to CPs and totally fascinated by them. I, probably like most here,
> was given a VFT at about age 13, and promptly killed it. (I was in Arizona,
> and I kept it in a south-facing window. That probably would have been OK if
> I watered it regularly).

        I guess we all started similarly - I have to confess I killed my first
        5 or 6 VFTs quite quickly, mainly by underwatering and incessant poking
        and prodding (but I was only 7!)

> have some questions, which I will submit in a future email. I have read the
> CP archives from Rick Walker's website, but they stop at 1996. Are the 1997
> and 1998 CP archives available anywhere?

        I haven't got a full collection from the end of '96 (I did have, but
        had a few bad computer crashes,) but there's the last 6 months worth
        or so on my webpage - hit the "links" button and choose "local links".

        also a few other CP resources there you might like and links to other
` sites.

        Hope this helps,

                        Peter :
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