Nepenthes vine with tendrils but no pitchers

From: Steve Klitzing (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 15:22:31 PDT

Date: Mon, 05 Jul 1999 15:22:31 -0700
From: Steve Klitzing <>
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Subject: Nepenthes vine with tendrils but no pitchers

Hi all:

I've got a Nepenthes plant with a vine six feet long with tendrils but
no pitchers. I just moved it into a brighter spot in my greenhouse
yesterday. What do I need to do, or feed it, to get it to pitcher?
Also, I think it's a candidate for chopping into cuttings and rooting
them. It has lots of shiny green new leaf growth at the base. Is this
a good idea?

I also have some other varieties of Nepenthes, including a pair of
Holland hybrids, that are young and pitchering well. I gave them their
first tubifex this weekend, and am expecting good growth out of them
this summer. I have changed their habitat, and have moved all of them
to hanging pots with overhead watering sprinkling down on them from time
to time.

To my surprise, the Nepenthes manage to catch their share of insects now
and then. And, the handful of spiders crawling around the greenhouse
keep all the plants rid of scale. I just have to remove a little web
now and then.

---Steve Klitzing

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