Johns Ping questions

Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 12:34:56 PST

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Subject: Johns Ping questions

Dear John,

>>First of all P.hirtiflora = P.crystallina ssp hirtiflora a pretty
>>little plant of the northeastern Mediterranean region. Do you
know >>which location in Albania your plants come from?

>I believe it is from Kelcyre, Albania.

This does not surprise me.

>I obtained it from Kamil Pasek in the Czeck Republic.

Good old Kamil! -- I should have guessed this also, you can rely
 upon Kamil to spread material arround.

>I currently have the P. hirtiflora and the P. Sethos x gypsicola
growing > together in a small pot. The soil is >peat/sand mixed (I
don't remember the approx. ratio) and a top covering >of live
spaghnum. I also keep them covered to increase humidty, in a
>bright window. They all seem to be doing fine so I'd hesitate to
change >it.

You are right, if the plants are growing well do not worry too much
about the compost -- P.c.hirtiflora will also grow in peat and sand

>But if I understand you correctly, the hirtiflora may need a

In a heated greenhouse at Winter minimum of 10 deg C my
P.crystallina plants continue growing all winter without dormancy.
Unlike most other European species they do not form hibernacula.

>and the Sethos x gypsicola will not (I think both species are >from
Mexico)? What do you recommend?

P.X Sethos is a hybrid of P.moranensis X P.ehlersiae (both of these
being Mexican Species). This Sethos X gypsicola hybrid will
undoubtably form a winter rosette composed of more numerous smaller
semi succulent leaves by comparison with the Summer rosette. Peat
and sand mixes tend to be too heavy for Mexican species. An open
mixture of perlite, vermiculite, sand and a small quantity of moss
peat is favoured by many Pinguicula grows.

>Also, as I plan on adding to my >ping collection, what are some
good ones to >try for the ping beginner?

Try various P.moranensis forms, and some of the smaller species like
P.rotundiflora, esseriana, ehlersiae and jaumavensis are easy



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