CP book errata

Gordon Wells (wells@ic.upc.es)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:23:42 UTC+0100

Hi everyone,

Having heard no fiery objections to my original idea
to compile a list of CP book errata, I hereby designate
myself as the "Official CP Book Errata Compiler". I'm
happy to take on the job, owing to my own personal
interest in having a list of errata available, yet any
attempts to dethrone me, either by diplomacy or military
force, will be met with only minimal resistance. My only
aim is to just get something started which can later
be added to and improved by everyone.

So, anyone who has any errata to contribute, please send
them to the list. I think it would probably be best to
post them to the list, instead of directly to me, since
this will allow others to see them and state their approval,
disagreement, corrections, or other comments. This will
help to make the errata more of a consensus effort instead
of just a collection of opinions by individuals. Where it
applies, please include a short justification and/or supporting
evidence of each correction.

I will compile a list of errata, organized by book and
page numbers, and giving credit to whoever supplied each
correction (which also helps allow future discussion and
improvements). Chris Frazier will help put together the
web page and include it in the CP Archives sometime in
the near future.

I look forward to receiving everyone's postings!

Best regards,

Gordon Wells
Instituto de Cibernetica
Diagonal 647, planta 2
Barcelona 08028

P.S. I know I just sort-of appeared out of the blue, so
I'll try to post my introduction on the list soon.