RE: Leuo bog... Gone!
Mon, 23 Oct 95 08:31:55 EDT

Hi all,

I recently got a letter from a friend who was down south this summer. He
told me of a bog in Alabama that was completely destroyed by a paper
company. Yes I know collection of Sarracenia is a problem in the
southeast, however, I do believe that more needs to be done to make
industries and corporations more accountable, especially when protected
species are in question.

The bog is question was on private property own by a large paper
company. The bog contained, leuo, wherryii, psits, purps some drosera,
and a number of other beautiful non CP species. I had the opportunity to
visit this site a few years ago and was impressed to see that the bog was
very well maintained. It was obviously fired regularly. There we no
signs of collection. In all the leuco savannah covered about the area
equivalent to 5 or 6 football fields. It was one of the most impressive
leuco sites I've ever seen. From the report I got, there is no change
for regeneration. The bog was completely destroyed. Infact there was no
signs that CP ever existed in the area!

Why is it illegal for someone to collect endangered species, yet the
equivalent to a nuclear bomb can be dropped on acres of Sarracenia by a
corporation and not an eyelash is batted! ? Where is the Nature
Conservancy? where are federal and state government laws that protect
these species? I don't get it! Are these corporations above the law?

I really don't feel that small collections made by responsible hobbiests
is the problem. Mass collection for trade is bad, but by far, the worst
threat to Sarracenia stands in the south is habitat destruction by
developers and corporations.

my 2 cents worth

Carl J. Mazur
Grimsby, Ontario Canada

--- End Included Message --- Yes, the paper companies ARE above the law.
At least in Georgia, the money they generate is enough to buy any
legislator and the state enforcement agencies dare not even whimper!
Hence the paper companies are among the worst neighbors you can imagine.
I've found them to be totaly unresponsive to ordinary reasonable citizen
demands although they do have spokesmen for public relations.

Dick Wagner