Re: CP book errata

Chris Frazier (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 10:47:49 -0600

>My suggestion is that someone be designated to collect errata
>information from everyone, by e-mail or otherwise, and arrange it
>all nicely in a Web page. This page could then be included in the
>CP archive server. I volunteer, unless someone else is itching to
>do it.
Sounds like a great idea. I have tried to save list postings that
talked about errata in photo IDs for Nepenthes, so I for one would
appreciate a web page with a complete set of known or suspected errata. It
would be especially useful if the list included a short justification for
the "correct ID" and, of course, who's opinion that is.
If you are willing to put the list together I would be glad to make
it available in the CP archives. I will try to get together the emails
I've saved and send them to you. Let me know if you need any help with
making the web page.


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