Re: Nepenthes and France

David Purks (telenet!twinkie!
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 16:30:14 -0400 (EDT)

Barry says:

> I've also received part of a catalogue from the French business,
> Nature et Paysages. There are several Utrics on this list of interest
> to me, depending upon the FF to $ conversion rate. Any of our
> European colleagues visit there very often? I recall that Paul ``I'm
> not a Brit---I'm a European'' Temple recently visited. I'm trying to
> figure out if a buying connection is possible without having to deal
> with the usual horrendous minimum order nonsense.

The exchange rate is usually between 5 & 6 French Francs per $1 US.
[NOTE: for those like me that get confused by exchange rates, divide
the $$F value in the list by 5 to get $$ US] The complete list of
items available from NP (per their latest catalog) is below.


<begin SELL.NP>
GROWER|NP|Nature et Paysages (62 65 52 48),32360 Peyrusse-Massas, France
DATE| 1994

GENUS Aldrovanda
vesiculosa [90F/young plant]
GENUS Brocchinia
reducta [350F/plant]
GENUS Byblis
gigantea [120F/plant]
liniflora [60F/plant]
GENUS catopsis
berteroniana [290F/young plant]
GENUS Cephalotus
follicularis [70F/young plant]
GENUS Darlingtonia
californica [140F/plant]
GENUS Dionaea
muscipula ssp. muscipula [50F/plant]
muscipula 'prostatus' [60F/plant]
muscipula 'filiformis' [65F/plant]
muscipula 'viridis' [65F/plant]
muscipula 'atrorubens' [60F/plant]
GENUS Drosophyllum
lusitanicum [60F/young plant]
GENUS Drosera
admirabilis [40F/young plant]
adelae [40F/young plant]
adelae 'vertes flowers' [50F/plant]
aliciae [30F/plant]
arenicola [70F/plant]
binata ssp. binata [30F/plant]
binata ssp. dichotoma [50F/plant]
binata 'multifida' [35F/plant]
binata 'multifida extrema' [50F/plant]
binata 'multifida rose' [40F/plant]
brevifolia [55F/plant]
burkeana [40F/plant]
burmanni [35F/plant]
capensis ssp. capensis [40F/plant]
capensis 'narrow leaf' [30F/plant]
capensis 'comb leaf' [45F/plant]
capensis 'white flower' [55F/plant]
capensis 'red leaf' [45F/plant]
capensis 'giant' [50F/plant]
capillaris ssp. capillaris [35F/plant]
capillaris 'white flower' [40F/plant]
capillaris 'narrow leaf' [45F/plant]
capillaris 'braziliensis' [35F/plant]
chrysolepis [70F/plant]
cistiflora [60F/plant]
coccicaulis [55F/plant]
collinsiae [55F/plant]
cuneifolia [40F/plant]
curviscapa [35F/plant]
dielsiana [30F/plant]
dilato-petiolaris [70F/plant]
esmeraldae [60F/plant]
falconeri [90F/plant]
filiformis ssp. filiformis [35F/plant]
filiformis ssp. tracyi [40F/plant]
hamiltonii [35F/plant]
indica [50F/plant]
intermedia ssp. intermedia [30F/plant]
intermedia 'topical' [30F/plant]
lanata [70F/plant]
madagascariensis [70F/plant]
montana [40F/plant]
natalensis [40F/plant]
neocaledonica [70F/plant]
petiolaris [70F/plant]
prolifera [40F/plant]
regia [80F/plant]
rotundifolia ssp. rotundifolia [30F/plant]
rotundifolia 'corsica' [85F/plant]
rotundifolia 'furcata' [55F/plant]
schizandra [90F/plant]
sessilifolia [45F/plant]
slackii [65F/plant]
spathulata 'australia' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Hong Kong' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Kansii' [25F/plant]
spathulata 'Kanto' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Leviss Pass' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'lovella' [30F/plant]
spathulata 'Mt. Arthur' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Mt. Bartle Frere' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Okinawa' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'Tanega' [35F/plant]
spathulata 'round leaf' [40F/plant]
trinervia [40F/plant]
villosa [60F/plant]
x beleziana (intermedia x rotundifolia) [50F/plant]
x hybrida (filiformis x intermedia) [40F/plant]
x obavata (rotundifolia x longifolia) [40F/plant]
x anfil (longifolia x filiformis) [40F/plant]
x watari (longifolia x spathulata 'kanto') [35F/plant]
x wateri 'white flower' (longifolia x spathulata 'kanto') [45F/plant]
x californica (ssp. filiformis x filiformis ssp. tracyi) [50F/plant]
x 'Marston dragon' (binata dichotoma x binata multifida) [70F/plant]
x linthulata (linearis x spathulata) [40F/plant]
x nagamoto (longifolia x spathulata 'Kansaii') [40F/plant]
androsacea [50F/2 plants]
barbigeria [50F/plant]
callistos [50F/2 plants]
closterostiqma [50F/2 plants]
coolamon [55F/2 plants]
dichrosepala [45F/4 plants]
echinoblasta [50F/2 plants]
eneabba [50F/2 plants]
enodes [45F/2 plants]
ericksoniae [35F/4 plants]
grieveii [50F/plant]
helodes [50F/2 plants]
hyperostiqma [55F/2 plants]
lasiantha [50F/2 plants]
leioblasta [55F/2 plants]
leucoblasta [45F/2 plants]
manniana [50F/2 plants]
microscapa [50F/2 plants]
miniata [50F/2 plants]
nitidula [45F/2 plants]
occidentalis [60F/2 plants]
oreopodion [50F/2 plants]
paleacea [50F/2 plants]
parvula [55F/2 plants]
platystigma [60F/2 plants]
pulchell ssp. pulchella [40F/2 plants]
pulchella 'orange' [45F/2 plants]
pycnoblasta [55F/2 plants]
pygmaea [30F/2 plants]
rechingeri [90F/2 plants]
roseana [45F/4 plants]
sargentii [50F/2 plants]
scorpiodes [55F/2 plants]
sewelliae [55F/2 plants]
spilos [50F/2 plants]
stelliflora [50F/2 plants]
walyunga [50F/2 plants]
nitidula ssp. allantostigma x ericksoniae [40F/2 plants]
nitidula ssp. omissa x occidentalis ssp. occidentalis [35F/3 plants]
nitidula nitidula x pygmaea [40F/2 plants]
nitidula ssp. omissa x pulchella [40F/2 plants]
andersoniana [65F/plant]
auriculata [45F/plant]
bulbigena [55F/plant]
bulbosa [50F/plant]
erythrorhiza [50F/plant]
erythrogyna [75F/plant]
gigantea [120F/plant]
graniticola [85F/plant]
heterophylla [50F/plant]
lowriei [50F/plant]
macrantha [50F/plant]
macrophylla [70F/plant]
marchantii [90F/plant]
menziesii [50F/plant]
modesta [75F/plant]
neesii [120F/plant]
orbiculata [50F/plant]
peltata [55F/plant]
platypoda [85F/plant]
ramelosa [45F/plant]
rosulata [55F/plant]
salina [75F/plant]
stolonifera [90F/plant]
stricticaulis [70F/plant]
tubaestylus [50F/plant]
whittakari [60F/plant]
zonaria [55F/plant]
GENUS Genlisea
hispidula [140F/plant]
pygmaea [150F/plant]
repens [90F/plant]
violacea [100F/plant]
GENUS Heliamphora
heterodoxa [350F/plant]
minor [350F/plant]
nutans [300/young plant]
x (heterodoxa x nutans) [150F/young plant]
x (heterodoxa x ionasi) [250F/young plant]
x (heterodoxa x minor) [200F/young plant]
GENUS Ibicella
lutea [200F/young plant]
GENUS Nepenthes
alata [110F/young plant]
gracilis [80F/young plant]
maxima [150F/young plant]
maxima 'superba' [200F/young plant]
mirabilis [150F/young plant]
rombicaulis [150F/young plant]
ventricosa [140F/young plant]
x cantleyi (gracilis x bicalarata) [180F/young plant]
x [60F/young plant]
x boissiense 'rubra' (gracilis x superba) [100F/young plant]
x coccinea (rafflesiana x ampullaria) [60F/young plant, 120F/plant]
x coccinea 'rouge' (hookeriana x mirabilis) [85F/young plant]
x Dicksoniana [90F/young plant]
x henreyana (sedenii x hookeriana) [150F/young plant]
x 'ile de France' [80F/young plant]
x intermedia (gracilis x rafflesiana) [160F/young plant]
x mixta (northiana x maxima) [110F/young plant]
x trichocarpa (gracilis x ampularia) [100F/young plant]
x ventrata (ventricosa x alata) [100F/young plant]
x wrigleyana (mirabilis x hookeriana) [100F/young plant]
albo marginata [180F/in vitro young plant]
gracillima [250F/in vitro young plant]
gymnanphora [180F/in vitro young plant]
macfarlanei [200F/in vitro young plant]
madagascariensis [180F/in vitro young plant]
masoalensis [300F/in vitro young plant]
pervillei [200F/in vitro young plant]
rafflesiana [150F/in vitro young plant]
sanguinea [120F/in vitro young plant]
tentaculata [150F/in vitro young plant]
thorelii [150F/in vitro young plant]
tomoriana [250F/in vitro young plant]
treubiana [450F/in vitro young plant]
veitchii [350F/in vitro young plant]
GENUS Pinguicula
agnata [45F/plant]
alpina [65F/young plant]
coerulea [50F/plant]
colimensis [45F/plant]
corsica [50F/young plant]
cyclosecta [50F/young plant]
ehlersae [45F/plant]
esseriana [45F/plant]
grandiflora ssp. grandiflora [35F/plant]
gypsicola [40F/young plant]
hemiepiphytica (oaxaca) [45F/plant]
ionantha [60F/plant]
kondoi [55F/young plant]
lepttoceras [45F/plant]
longifolia ssp. longifolia [50F/plant]
longifolia ssp. caussensis [45F/plant]
longifolia ssp. reichenbachiana [65F/plant]
lusitanica [40F/plant]
lutea [55F/plant]
moranensis [40F/plant]
moranensis ssp. rosei [40F/young plant]
oblongiloba [60F/plant]
orchidiodes [50F/young plant]
planifolia [55F/plant]
primuliflora [40F/plant]
rotundiflora [35F/plant]
sharpii [40F/plant]
vulgaris ssp. vulgaris [35F/plant]
vulgaris ssp. alpicola [45F/plant]
zecheri [40F/plant]
x kewensis (moranensis x rosei) [40F/plant]
x settos (moranensisx ehlersae) [40F/plant]
GENUS Sarracenia
alata ssp. alata [100F/plant]
alata 'red throat' [120F/plant]
alata 'pubscent' [120F/plant]
flava ssp. flava [100F/plant]
flava 'green' [110F/plant]
flava 'atropurpurea' [150F/plant]
flava 'maxima' [160F/plant]
flava 'regulii' [130F/plant, 50F/young plant]
flava 'copper top' [150F/young plant]
flava 'ornata' [150F/young plant]
leucophylla [100F/plant]
minor [110F/plant]
oreophila [400F/plant]
psittacina [100F/plant]
purpurea ssp. purpurea [110F/plant]
purpurea ssp. venosa [100F/plant]
rubra [100F/plant]
x catebaei (flava x purpurea) [100F/young plant]
x chelsonii (purpurea ssp. venosa x rubra) [120F/young plant]
x exornata (purpurea ssp. venosa x alata) [130F/plant]
x formosana (minor x psittacina) [100F/young plant]
x melanorhada (catesbaei x purpurea ssp. venosa) [140F/young plant]
x mitchelliana (purpurea ssp. venosa x leucophylla) [100F/plant]
x (catesbaei x purpurea ssp. venosa) [120F/young plant]
x (farnhamii x readii) [150F/plant]
x evedine (leucophylla x catesbaei) [100F/plant]
x (leucophylla x swaniana) [100F/young plant]
x (purpurea ssp. venosa x swaniana) [100F/young plant]
x moorei (flava x leucophylla) [100F/young plant]
GENUS Utricularia
alpina [65F/plant]
amethystina [65F/plant]
aureomaculata [85F/plant]
biloba [65F/plant]
bisquamata ssp. bisqumata [45F/plant]
bisquamata 'small flower' [35F/plant]
caerulea [50F/plant]
calycifida [60F/plant]
cornuta [50F/plant]
delicatuta [40F/plant]
dichotoma [40F/plant]
endresii [90F/young plant]
graminifolia [60F/plant]
humboltii [120F/young plant]
laterifolia [35F/plant]
livida ssp. livida [35F/plant]
livida 'durban' [45F/plant]
longifolia [40F/plant]
menziesii [65F/plant]
monanthos [45F/plant]
multifida [120F/young plant]
nana [55F/plant]
nephrophylla [70F/plant]
novae zelandiae [50F/plant]
pentadactyl [35F/plant]
praelonga [35F/plant]
prehensilis [45F/plant]
quelchii [340F/young plant]
pubscens [40F/young plant]
pusilla [45F/plant]
reniformis ssp. reniformis [65F/plant]
reniformis 'courte' [65F/plant]
sandersonii ssp. sandersonii [30F/plant]
sandersonii 'blue' [35F/plant]
scandens [50F/plant]
simulans [60F/plant]
subulata ssp. subulata [30F/plant]
subulata 'small leaf' [40F/plant]
tenella [110F/young plant]
tricolor [40F/young plant]
uliginosa [50F/plant]
gibba [30F/plant]
intermedia [40F/plant]
minor [30F/plant]
australis [50F/plant]
ochroleuca [45F/plant]
vulgaris [35F/plant]
GENUS Roridula
gorgonias [70F/plant]