Nepenthes and France

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 23:25:21 +0700


I've just gotten in the mail a letter from Meryl Fraser in Queensland
Australia. Apparently Meryl is interested in communicating with Nepenthes
growers, and is especially interested in trading Nepenthes photographs.
He sent me a checklist of plants for which he has photos. His list includes
11 forms of N.alata, several forms of albo-marginata, several of ampullaria,
and so on. Anyone interested in communicating with him should write to him at

Meryl Fraser
29 Ralston Street
West End Townsville
Queensland, Australia 4810

I've also received part of a catalogue from the French business, Nature et
Paysages. There are several Utrics on this list of interest to me, depending
upon the FF to $ conversion rate. Any of our European colleagues visit there
very often? I recall that Paul ``I'm not a Brit---I'm a European'' Temple
recently visited. I'm trying to figure out if a buying connection is possible
without having to deal with the usual horrendous minimum order nonsense.


P.S. Paul, I'm just pulling your chain!