Re: Malthion as a carcinogen

Steven Klitzing (
Wed, 3 Aug 94 14:15:47 -0700

>That is not surprising at all. Nicotine is a defense compound produced by the
>plants of the the tobacco family. You could even grind up Cannabis sativa and
>use that as a spray, if I'm not mistaken THC serves a similar purpose. Of
>course it may cost more!


Well, I guess you could even grind up sleeping pills and spray it in your
greenhouse, maybe some codeine or NyQuil. The insects will become so
drowsy and lethargic that they'll spend all their time sleeping instead
of eating. Within a few days, they shrivel up and disappear. Maybe use
Sominex. You could also spray adrenalin on your plants. The insects would
eat that and explode. If not, your greenhouse will be jumping with
hyper bugs. You could also use massive doses or radiation to control them,
though I don't know what kind of effect it would have on the chromosomes
of your plants and neighbors. I can just see the ad now, in a CP
book, "Nuke Away".

You guys are missing the obvious, though. Just hang a no-pest
strip in your greenhouse and replace it once a month. Do they still
make those?