Re: Malthion as a carcinogen

John Phillips (
Thu, 4 Aug 94 07:11:30 CST

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Steven Klitzing <> writes:

>>That is not surprising at all. Nicotine is a defense compound produced by the
>>plants of the the tobacco family. You could even grind up Cannabis sativa and
>>use that as a spray, if I'm not mistaken THC serves a similar purpose. Of
>>course it may cost more!
>Well, I guess you could even grind up sleeping pills and spray it in your
>greenhouse, maybe some codeine or NyQuil. The insects will become so
>drowsy and lethargic that they'll spend all their time sleeping instead
>of eating. Within a few days, they shrivel up and disappear. Maybe use
>Sominex. You could also spray adrenalin on your plants. The insects would
>eat that and explode. If not, your greenhouse will be jumping with
>hyper bugs. You could also use massive doses or radiation to control them,
>though I don't know what kind of effect it would have on the chromosomes
>of your plants and neighbors. I can just see the ad now, in a CP
>book, "Nuke Away".
>You guys are missing the obvious, though. Just hang a no-pest
>strip in your greenhouse and replace it once a month. Do they still
>make those?
These No-Pest strips are rather toxic. Be sure not to hang them ANYWHERE
near a fishtank or pet bird, or you'll end up with a dead pet. On the other
hand they would be effective for controlling pests inside a terrarium.
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