Re: Malthion as a carcinogen

Ross Koning (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 12:44:04 -0500

At 2:15 PM 8/3/94 -0700, Steven Klitzing wrote:

>You guys are missing the obvious, though. Just hang a no-pest
>strip in your greenhouse and replace it once a month. Do they still
>make those?

I have looked around for those here in Connecticut and seem unable
to find them. I had once heard that they were less "safe" than many
sprays. On another newslist I heard that people were using flea collars
and putting a small cutting from a collar in their pots to maintain control.

I have not tried either of these and cannot comment on their effectiveness.

I personally tend to use Safer's Soap and an occasional alcohol swab,
but my new greenhouse has yet to have any MAJOR breakouts that
needed more aggressive action. I do have some fungus gnats just now
and am planning to get some GNATROL for them to ingest.


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