Re: Nepenthes and France

Paul Temple (
Thu, 04 Aug 94 14:09:30 +0100

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>I've also received part of a catalogue from the French business, Nature et
>Paysages. There are several Utrics on this list of interest to me, depending
>upon the FF to $ conversion rate. Any of our European colleagues visit there
>very often? I recall that Paul ``I'm not a Brit---I'm a European'' Temple
>recently visited. I'm trying to figure out if a buying connection is possible
>without having to deal with the usual horrendous minimum order nonsense.

>P.S. Paul, I'm just pulling your chain!

Chain is pulled (but was it bell or toilet chain?) - but I'm here!

OK, so how can I help? Ignore any minimum order constraints when
describing what I might be able to make happen. I'll let you know if
what you want is possible or how we might be able to fix it.

I'm in all this week so I'll look out for a mail.