Re: Origins of VFTs

Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 20:47:21 -0400 (EDT)

> What about the possibility of mutation from errors in DNA replication?
> This must be an effect at some level---the fact that Down's syndrome
> increases in likelihood for older maternal parents in humans supports
> the possibility of this kind of effect.
If my memory serves me right, there is, on the average, one mutation (error
in the DNA code) per embyro. I think this is for humans, but the number can't
be THAT far off for CP. The degree of the effect(s) varies depending on what
type of mutation occured and where it is located. The results range

Isn't Down's syndrome due to an excess chromosome and not to an error in DNA
replication? If so, that would be an error occuring in meiosis and not a
replication mutation.