Re: Terrarium Ventilation

Jeffrey Michael Stein (
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 20:52:48 -0400 (EDT)

> I was looking through a catalog called Lifestyles Fascinations-kind of
> like a sharper Image or a Brookstone and I sam a solar powered venter
> that fits in a car window and runs on solar power to keep the car from
> getting too hot. I was wondering whether anyone has one and whether
> it could be adapted to keep a

> terrarium(55 gal. aquarium) from getting too warm with the top on. As it is
> solar powered, it would not work after the lights go out
> ?????
> -alex

That is an interesting idea. The only draw-back would be a quicker evaporation
level due to increased air circulation. The humidity, which in enclosed
fish-tanks is often 100%, may also be disrupted and could vary throughout the
tank. You could keep the plants that enjoy the highest humidty away from the