CP in Charlottesville VA

Alexander Salomon (RS6111A@american.edu)
Mon, 20 Jun 94 20:20:38 EDT

When I was recently in Charlottesville, I had two encounters related to
CP. It was the first time there so my wife and I visited Monticello.
There, teh Thomas Jefferson Center for Historically Significant plants
sells a nmumber of plants. Among these were VFTs that were much nicer
than the grocery store ones and also several Sarracenia including
S.minor, rubra, Leuco, and flava. These were not in cups but were in 1
gallon pots and were quite nice specimens for $12. I almost purchased
some as "souvenirs" before the wife reminded me that I already had all
of those varieties. Oh well...

The second encounter was at the rare book room at the Univ. of VA
library. There, they had a large folio edition by Catesby of the flora
and Fauna of the US. It was opened to a large aquatint(watercolor) of
S.purpurea. As this was before C.Darwin described carnivory(The folio
was 1700s I believe-Darwin was not yet around), the book claimed thaat
many small insects find refuge in the pitchers to avoid falling prey to
a pursuing frog or bird(my paraphrase). Any- way, I thought it was
interesting to see who the author/artsit was because I be lieve that one
of the naturally occuring Sarr. hybrids bears his name.