Re: Pure water

Jon Singer (
Wed, 23 Feb 94 21:31:27 PST

There's probably a difference between ion _exchange_ purification and
deionization. I remember being told that DI (de-ionized) water doesn't
conduct electricity very well (which is how you tell that it lacks
ions!), but is likely to have wads of organics in it. In other words,
Yes: the sugar-water goes right through.

A potentially amusing aside: DDI (distilled & de-ionized) water has
very little of anything in it except maybe dissolved gases, and eats
stainless steel for breakfast. We Are Not Kidding: water REALLY WANTS
to have some ions in it! I was told not to drink very much of the
stuff: they claimed that if you consumed it in large quantity, it
would dissolve your teeth! (It hasn't got much taste anyway. Too
boring to drink any quantity of.)