Re: Pure water

Thu, 24 Feb 1994 10:56:45 -0500 (EST)

I remember hearing about that, deionized water dissolving teeth and
bones. So don't drink the water!!. Actually humans take in so many
salts in the diet this is not a risk. Steam distilled water has been
recondensed from steam so any nonvolatile components (dirt, salt, etc)
are left behind. However, in most cases volital contaminants (usually
petroleum components) are recondensed with the water. De-ionized water
has passed over a matrix which removes charged components from the
water. The matrices in our lab consist of two ion-exchange resins, one
for negative ions and one for positive ions, followed by a hydrophobic
matrix to remove volatile organic compounds. Treatment with anything
which removes ions would potentially allow labelling as deionized. Like
Jon said pure water is almost a myth since it can dissolve almost
anything given time. Sorry for the aside. In the stores here we have
1) Spring water: probably unadulterated and potentially unfit for CP.
2) Distilled water:almost all salts removed, surest safest bet for CP.
3) Purified water: which could merely be local water filtered to remove
mud, same as Spring water for CP. You might check consumer reports or
call the company to find out what's been done to it. Take care!

Jeff in NC
P.S. Don't drink the water, fish make love in it!