pings and water

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Thu, 24 Feb 94 07:57:24 MST

>to have some ions in it! I was told not to drink very much of the
>stuff: they claimed that if you consumed it in large quantity, it
>would dissolve your teeth! (It hasn't got much taste anyway. Too
>boring to drink any quantity of.)

This has a ``taste'' of urban legend to it. I was told never to drink the
stuff because its purity would osmotically rupture the cells in your throat.

Well, to bring this thread back to CPs, I think that one thing to look for
is the quality of your _Sphagnum_. I think the _Sphagnum_ is pretty
delicate, and as long as you can grow that, the rest of your collection
will be just fine.

I've been trying to self my P.kondoi with no luck. Anyone been able to do
this? I've been hearing that these Mexican Pings do much better with
cross pollination...

Also, my P.emarginata has produced an inflorescence that seems to be going
nowhere. The peduncle (er...pedicel, Jan?) has grown to just a few cm long
and has stopped. There it sits for a few weeks. I wonder if it is waiting
for something, or has aborted. The rosette continues to produce leaves...