Pure water

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Wed, 23 Feb 94 22:14:23 MST

>I buy my distilled water at the market and have become curious as to the
>quality of the water. For instance, Arrowhead distilled water specifies
>that the water has been 100% prepared by stream condensation. The generic
>brand, which is considerably cheaper, is called "purified" water and I'm
>wondering how it is prepared? I noticed that on our local water vending
>machine outside the store, the "Purified" water (as opposed to the dirnking


Look on the label. The bottles I've seen usually say prepared by Reverse
Osmosis, or whatever.

OK, so what is deionization? Does it just remove ions? I.E. could sugar
water pass through a deionization unit unaffected?

I wouldn't trust those vending machines *at all*. In arizona recently it
came into the public eye just how pathetic water regulation is. Essentially,
``bottled drinking water'' could actually just be normal municipal water
stuck in bottles. With this environment in regulation, I avoid vending