book stores

Kevin Snively (
Wed, 23 Feb 1994 18:33:24 -0800

Steve & gang
I gave a copy of your book wish list to Flora & Fauna Books
they speiclize in rare and out of print books on nature topics.
i believe they have found a fiew copys of vol. 13 Flora of South
Africa and should be geting them in soon you know the one with
the African drosera key in it :-|). they got more than just a little
interisted when i told them about everyone looking for the Taylor
monograph i'll let you know if they find it.
we realy should pool our resorces as far as sources of
literature are concrned for our mutuale good.
maby another file for the archive?
my favorites are


Flora & Fauna Books
121 First Ave. So.
Seattle Wa. 98104

PHONE 206-623-4727
FAX 206-623-2001


Powells Books
1005 W. Burnside
Portland Or. 97209

Phone 1-800-878-7323
Ask for David O'Hollaren (He is a C.P.'er, member of P.N.W.C.P.C.,
and incharge of the agro./botanical section)