"purified" water vs distilled

Steve Clancy (slclancy@uci.edu)
Wed, 23 Feb 94 16:47:46 -0800


I buy my distilled water at the market and have become curious as to the
quality of the water. For instance, Arrowhead distilled water specifies
that the water has been 100% prepared by stream condensation. The generic
brand, which is considerably cheaper, is called "purified" water and I'm
wondering how it is prepared? I noticed that on our local water vending
machine outside the store, the "Purified" water (as opposed to the dirnking
water) is listed as being prepared by filtration and deionization. I'm
wondering if this is as pure as the Arrowhead distilled water and if it is
as safe for my CP. It certainly is cheaper!

Does anyone have any hard facts on this?

Thanks in advance.

-- Steve Clancy
Biomedical Library
University of California, Irvine, U.S.A.