Re: new case/how to heat

Oliver T Masse (
Fri, 28 Jan 94 09:43:54 EST

> Well, I finally broke down and had a cabinet maker construct a new one. It
> is built of redwood and acrylic and measure 6' High, 4' wide, 3.5' deep.
> It is BIG. I should have plenty of room for all of those Lowland nepenthes
> which were busting out of my old case!
> Now, with this new case, I have bought a warm steam humidifier. I figure
> I'll have timers kick it on a few times a day to crank up the humidity.
> But, the big question I have is: How do I heat this beast?
> Does anyone have a good suggestion about how to heat it?
> --tom

Tom: The case sounds great, the humidifier sems like a good idea. I have
considered building something similar several times in the past. My hang-up is
the cost of double strength glass.

Are you sure that heat will be a problem? Your ambient air temp in your home
is prob. close to what 70-75F? You really don't need to raise it that much
for pleasant, Nepenthes loving temps. As a grad student I lived in married
student apartments and used shelving covered with a plastic mattress bag! I
achieved warm, humid temps from the heat of the ballast in the fluorescent
lights. If you use fluorescents, I believe you can also separate the ballast
from the light fixture and put them under the case (assuming you have no
moisture problem).

By the way, as big as that sucker is, how are you providing light? Is top
lighting bright enough for a six foot enclosure, or do you supplement from the
side or mid way up?

Anyhow, sounds great, I hope it all works out.

florida Tom