new case/how to heat
Thu, 27 Jan 1994 18:42:52 -0800 (PST)


If you remember a few months ago I sent out a posting describing a "cheesy
Wardian case" I had built with Metro wire racks and a shower curtain.
This thing worked fine but it LEAKED and my landlord would have soaked [no
pun] me for a security deposit on new carpet.

Well, I finally broke down and had a cabinet maker construct a new one. It
is built of redwood and acrylic and measure 6' High, 4' wide, 3.5' deep.
It is BIG. I should have plenty of room for all of those Lowland nepenthes
which were busting out of my old case!

In the old case, I heated and humidified with 2 50watt aquarium heaters in
large tanks underneath. This worked fine, but ended up killing me in
electric bills. Like $40-$50 per month. Yeoh!

Now, with this new case, I have bought a warm steam humidifier. I figure
I'll have timers kick it on a few times a day to crank up the humidity.

But, the big question I have is: How do I heat this beast? Sticking a
space heater in there would be like begging for a fire. A kerosene
heater would produce fumes.

Does anyone have a good suggestion about how to heat it?