Re: New here...

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Thu, 27 Jan 1994 09:54:36 +0800

>> Hi my name is Scott Nagle from New Jersy. I have an interest
>>in keeping Venus Fly Traps (don't ask me for the scientific name) and
>>also would like to keep Pitcher Platns in the Future.
>> My questions right now are what are the proper conditions to
>>keep the VFT's in? I have mine right now in a 5 gallon aqaurium with
>>peat moss and a cover (hood) with a light to keep moisture in.

Since this is winter and you're in New Jersey, both VFTs and
Sarracenia should be dormant. They won't go dormant however
unless you shorten the photoperiod and cool the temps down.
You should also significantly cut back on soil moisture, so
it's just damp. That said, if your plants are doing ok right
now, you should probably just leave them alone, and let them
go dormant next fall, so they can ease into it. Here in the
San Francisco Bay Area and peninsula, I grow both VFTs and
Sarrs outdoors year round. They don't need jungle levels of
humidity to do well.

Good growing!

>> Also, do any of you know good (inexpensive) mail order places
>>to get plants from. Any help would be appreciated as I am a ametuer.

The list server that supports the CP list has some commands to
get lists of mail order suppliers. Lees is probably a good
source of reasonably priced CP such as you're looking for.