Jan Schlauer (zxmsl01@studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)
Fri, 28 Jan 1994 16:25:01 +0100

Hi nomenclaturalists,

>about the cultivation of Polypompholyx I just know, that P. tenella is
>perennial (lives several years) and is growing quite easy, just like

It *is* (not just "like") a _Utricularia_, of course (cf. TAYLOR, 1986).

>P. multifida is realy annual, and you have to collect seed of it.
>But I've not much experience with it, I've grown it before years, just
>like Utric's.

This one *is* (not just "like") a _U._, too. Also, "P.westonii"
(without proper basionym citation, a combination illegitimately created
by our esteemed colleague Allen Lowrie) was originally described as
_U.westonii_, and is a perfect link between the sections _Polypompholyx_
and _Pleiochasia_ of the (one) genus _Utricularia_. For further
discussion cf. P.TAYLOR's monograph (we've had this one on this
list, already).

Kind regards