RE: _Polypompholyx_

Clarke Brunt (
Fri, 28 Jan 94 15:52 GMT

So Polypompholyx is really Utricularia then. In Slack's book, he
said that the genus was expected to be subsumed into Utricularia,
but he hoped not because he liked the name.

Still, I liked the picture of them in the book, and I don't mind if
I now have 5 packets of U. seed to sow, rather than 3 U. and 2 P.

Old timers on the list may remember me asking about U. dusenii after
I sowed some (fresh from someone else's plant) towards the end of
1992. They quickly germinated, and then disappeared. Pleased to say
that they re-appeared in Spring 1993 (whether from germination of
more seed, or from the roots I don't know), and still comprise
my only U. (hopefully soon to be joined by the 5, or 3, above).