Re: new case/how to heat

Robert Allen (Robert.Allen@Eng.Sun.COM)
Fri, 28 Jan 1994 09:43:21 +0800

>>Well, I finally broke down and had a cabinet maker construct a new one. It
>>is built of redwood and acrylic and measure 6' High, 4' wide, 3.5' deep.
>>It is BIG. I should have plenty of room for all of those Lowland nepenthes
>>which were busting out of my old case!
>>In the old case, I heated and humidified with 2 50watt aquarium heaters in
>>large tanks underneath. This worked fine, but ended up killing me in
>>electric bills. Like $40-$50 per month. Yeoh!
>>Now, with this new case, I have bought a warm steam humidifier. I figure
>>I'll have timers kick it on a few times a day to crank up the humidity.
>>But, the big question I have is: How do I heat this beast? Sticking a
>>space heater in there would be like begging for a fire. A kerosene
>>heater would produce fumes.

I'd expect that your lights would give off enough heat to keep
the thing at a reasonable temp. You could also try laying a
soil heating cable (for seed germination) in the case, but I'm
not sure how well that would work, or how much power would be

Given the height of your case, you may have to use a halide
lamp to give your plants enough light. In that case you'll
probably have more heat than you need.