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Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 12:43:52 PST

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 15:43:52 -0500
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Subject: re: Please Stop!

> And Matt, you could have just written to me privately on my email
and > told me what you had to say. You didn't have to post it up
here on the > digest so everyone could get riled up about it. > >

Hi Amy,

I guess I should have just emailed you directly but I thought this
would make for an intelligent discussion as to what is appropriate
list content. I didn't put much thought into my initial message but
suppose I could have polished it more, as Fred suggested. Still, I
dont think it was particularly offensive but apologies for having
hurt your feelings, that surely was not my intention.

Now, if ya can't beat em, join em...

I wanted to suggest to you that instead of making a boring pitcher plant
puppet that doesnt move (yaaaawn!), how about making a sundew HAND
puppet instead? It can be a green glove w red dots red fingers. The
green part would be the lamina and the red part the folding tentacles.
You could even attach a green sleeve to it so it's a little longer, like
the true Drosera affinis, collinsiae, madagascariensis, intermedia, or
whatever. I'd also like to suggest you create accessories - felt
insects. Or even felt hamburger meat, a neater and much easier produced
alternative to using real meat :) Manufacturing something like a felt
hamburger would probably involve much less labor but still be essential
for hungry puppets and in high demand by puppet owners - you could sell
these for a decent price to offset your losses (or at least lower
profits) on your plant puppets. Hope these ideas help. We can split
the profits 50-50 ;)


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