RE: Benomyl Health Hazards / Regular use of chemicals on new plants

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Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 13:44:35 PST

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:44:35 -0500
From: Tom Massey <>
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Subject: RE: Benomyl Health Hazards / Regular use of chemicals on new plants

Well, FWIW, IMHO etc. you would probably be better off just following label

A few of the products include a mix concentration for a soil drench, but
most use a concentration of from a teaspoon to tablespoon per gallon as a
foliar spray. Never say never --but I know of no insecticide/fungicide
that includes a concentration intended for submerging plants. ---- I will
pause here for all the more experienced growers who have seen just such a
set of instructions to warm up their keyboards. ---

As for health concerns, someone just posted the site that lists
insecticides/pesticides/ and their potential health effects. Perhaps
someone could repost it for those who missed it. I have found it helpful.
 Otherwise, the local news just reported previously unreleased side effects
from airborne spraying of malathion around central Florida. The spraying
was to control a medfly threatening the orange crops. Most common health
concerns were associated with breathing difficulties in asthma and allergy

Tom in Fl.

On Monday, November 15, 1999 4:01 PM, Sundew Sundew
[] wrote:
> I've seen people on the list mention potential health hazards caused
> by Benomyl but never saw any specific effects listed. Now that I
> have found a small supply of Benomyl, I plan on purchasing and using
> some of this stuff. What health risks are there assuming it is used
> properly? I was also thinking about submerging newly acquired
> plants in a solution of benomyl and malathion for 30 minutes or so
> and then rinsing plants well to prevent any unwanted "guests". Or
> would there be better chemicals for such treatment? I don't know
> exactly how some these chemicals work - could someone possibly
> provide a list of which ones are absorbed by the plant and which
> ones work on contact with the pest? A better understanding of how
> these products work would be great (though this is only my opinion,
> of course).
> Matt
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