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Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 16:21:54 PST

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 19:21:54 -0500
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Subject: re: My puppets

>Hi all, >I just want to say to everyone who got mad about my posts
that I am >sorry. >I'm sure people will understand that I didn't
mean to be annoying or >bothersome at all. I was just trying to let
people know about new puppets >coming out. >For people who don't
care about the puppets, you can just scroll past my >messages, and
act as if there was nothing there. There are alot of people >who DO
care about the puppets. There have been a few of you that have
>posted nasty things about my posts on this CP digest, but I have
way many >more people write to me, both on the CP digest and
privately to my email, >encouraging me about the puppets. >And
also, I DO get upset when people flame me like this. It makes me
very >sad when people talk badly about my hard work. This is not a
>get-rich-quick thing, as one of you said; I work very hard to make
my >puppets. Sometimes I have blisters on my hands from cutting
them out, and >I work late at night making them. When I get an
order, I hardly stop >working on them until they are done. I
usually have them made before the >check is even here, even on large

>I hope you will understand that I did not mean to pester anyone,
and I >hope everyone will just stop talking about it


Like I said, I did not want my message to upset you. There is not a
bit of doubt in my mind that you are serious about your puppets and
I am sure you are not getting rich from your efforts, that you work
very hard at them and that you are a good business person. My
message was not a flame but a request to limit the frequency of what
I personally considered inappropriate messages. If I made any
reference to a get-rich-quick thing, it was regarding your approach
/ presentation and not the actual financial rewards selling low cost
hand-made puppets will yield. That's all. No offense and happy
puppet-making. :)


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