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Dear E-VERYnumber

I can't quite remember who the 'pillock' was that sprayed his
Sarracenia flava with Copper oxychloride on the Listserve (it's
probably 'virtually dead' by now) recently, but no wonder it died
when you compare the relationship of Household 'Bleach' (Na ocl)
with Copper oxychloride (Cu(ocl)2).

Okay, the Copper 'salt' is virtually insoluble, being applied as a
suspension, but even so the culprit associated in the sudden demise
is the oxychloride anion rather than the Copper cation.

Bordeaux Mixture is milder than the above; but basically being an
alkaline suspension of Copper hydroxide ... it's still goanna

Other Copper 'salts' such as Copper sulphate or Copper acetate for
example-(s) are much milder in effect and if applied at a
reasonable strength are quite beneficial to CPs in general.

100mls of a 'Sky-Blue' solution of Copper sulphate added to a 6
Litre Ice-cream container filled with say Utricularia vulgaris will
elevate most algal scum. Algae that grows actually on the 'stems'
of this species can be perturbed by muddying the waters and
allowing the material to settle out upon the plant. The algae has
limited reserves and it smother whilst new growth emerges within a
few days from the Utricularia into the surrounding water.

Anyway - Hope This Helps


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