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Dear All-n-Saul (You never know ... as a member of the "Sequels" he
might, just one day, go on to produce a 'top-ten' Criminal

For those who tend to relish/revel (in) trivia I thought you'd like
to know that there is only one copy of Aphrodite's Mousetrap in the
whole of the public library system of Australia.

They gave me a card and said that I could come in anytime during
opening hours over the next three weeks and logged the book in and
out as of'en as I wished.

I'm a slow reader at the best of times and so I balked at their
limited offer, and so chose to take evasive action / alternative

Considering it's been out-of-print since 94 and all attempts to
secure a copy have proved futile I implore others to follow suit.
As long as it's for personal use or the purpose(s) of review;
'out-of-printness' is one of the three conditions covered under the
Copyright Act, so feel free to go multipl'e'.

I feel sure the author has a few copies tucked away in his cosy
little cottage over in Ireland so why not drop him a line, I feel
certain he'd-be only too pleased to receive the attention, now that
he's retired.

Anyway hope this is of int'rest,


"Sometimes You Have to Risk All to Gain All" - Alexander The Great:
 a relatively brief time ago, on a planet not too dissimilar
to/from our own?

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