S. minor x S. leucophylla

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Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 00:13:08 PST

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 03:13:08 EST
From: MCATALANI@aol.com
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Subject: S. minor x S. leucophylla

<< BTW of talking about Sarrs... does anybody have some _S. minor x
leucophylla_ seed to spare
 (i.e. trade of course)? I have to admit having seen the picture in Peter
d'Amatos book and
 fell in love right from the spot... >>

The first time I saw a cross of S. x"excellens" was in Adrian Slack's first
book, in which he had named the plant in the picture "lochness". About 10
years ago I decided to produce this cross. I can tell you that the cross is
extremely variable. I had about 30 x"excellens" plants that i grew to
maturity, and everyone of them looked wickedly different. I had a plant that
looked like a dead ringer for minor in the spring, and a true leucophylla in
the fall...most had pitchers intermediate between minor and leucophylla, but
the colors were different...one produced retina burning banana yellow
pitchers, and another produced orange buff colored pitchers...although a
couple of the plants slightly resembled the "lochness" form, they didnt
produce the clownish aeraolae that the lochness had..i did have some to
resemble the plant in Pete's book...in any case, it was an extremely
rewarding plant to create, as each plant had its own personality...i will be
hybridizing again this coming spring, and will have plenty of seed by next
fall if you dont find any sooner.
Michael Catalani

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