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Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 16:18:49 PST

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 10:48:49 +1030
From: Kris Kopicki <>
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Subject: Re: Richards unusual utrics

Hi all & Loyd,

> In the past I have grown U.multifida, tenella and westonii from seed
> obtained from Allen Lowrie. Of these three species I have only
> managed to see flowers with U.multifida. I have always lost
> U.tenella and U.westonii during the English Summer, they do not
> appear to withstand heat at all.

Too many times do I see people trying to grow plants without observing
the conditions to which the plant is suited. U. tenella is one of the
few Utrics in SA (South Australia), and I can assure you we have very
hot summers, yet the plants grow happily over this period usually dying
off at the end of summer, and carrying on to the next season from
roots/rhizoids. I'm no expert on growing utrics by a long shot, but what
I try to do with every species that I grow is to find out as much about
the habitat, climate etc. as I can. Then I'm in a better position to be
able to successfully grow the plant in question. If a plant grows in
loam, I'll grow if in loam, if it grows in pure sand, I'll grow it in
pure sand, you get the idea.

I have a web site devoted to CP's of SA
(, which has photo's of habitats, and
info on general growing conditions in plants habitats. The site is still
a little unfinished, and I have still yet to complete the section on
utrics, but there should be some more info on utrics up in December-January.


Kris K

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