D. nagamotoi?

From: Ivan Snyder (bioexp@juno.com)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 12:51:49 PDT

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:51:49 -0700
From: Ivan Snyder <bioexp@juno.com>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <aabcdefg3616$foo@default>
Subject: D. nagamotoi?

Hi again CPers,

     I have had an overwhelming response to my offer of seed of the new
man-made sundew species Drosera x nagamotoi which is the first
allopolyploid sundew. I have reserved one packet for the first 12 of
those whom have already replied. Thanks to your interest I am sure the
preservation of this unique sundew is ensured. If all goes well I will
have more fresh seed in a couple months and possibly later make available
seed of other fascinating new creations. Those growers of this first D. x
nagamotoi take note; this is not the end of the breeding line. There is
much more you can do with this plant. Watch for more on Colchicine
Treatment of Sterile Hybrid Sundews in the March 2000 issue Carnivorous
Plant News Letter. Following this article I will reveal all my secrets
and update my research here on the Listserver. At the dawning of the
third millenium we will begin to see the result on man's bio-engineering
tinkerings be done upon our precious carnivorous plants. These are sure
to become most popular amongst pet owners. Some will be beautiful, and
some may be frightening!

Ivan Snyder
Hermosa Beach

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