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Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 06:50:26 PDT

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 09:50:26 -0400
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Subject: Re: D. nagamotoi?

Ivan Snyder wrote:
> Hi CPers,
> The possible new sundew species Drosera nagamotoi is extremely rare
> and apparently only exists in cultivation. This species has one known
> animal associate with which it has an extemely complicated symbiotic
> relationship. It depends totally upon this host for continued existence.
> The host species is Homo sapiens. The origin of this sundew is certain.
> It originated in the fantastic environment of Southern California.
> The hybrid D. x nagamotoi is a rosette of upright paddle shaped leaves
> about 4.5 cm. in diameter. At maturity the leaves can become an olive
> green color and bear red tentacles. You may have seen other forms of this
> hybrid. I created my new form by crossing the tropical Hawaiian D.
> anglica with a form of D. spatulata from Australia. It has a white
> flower, a bit different leaf shape, and is more hairy. Also, mine is
> fertile and produces seed because it has been treated with colchicine.
> For this reason it may be considered a man-made species.This is the first
> such allopolyploid sundew created artificially. To help maintain this
> unique plants existence I have available several free packets of seed
> now. To reserve one packet, those experianced in growing sundews from
> seed may reply to my juno address. < > I will then
> give these lucky first several people my home address to which they can
> send a self addressed stamped envelope.
> Ivan Snyder
> Hermosa Beach
> California
> Try Juno Web:

Reserve one for me please!

Dick Wagner

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