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Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 20:47:32 PDT

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 13:47:32 +1000
From: "Paul Edwards" <>
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Hello everyone.

I have just joined the List Server, and am looking forward to getting info
from everyone.
I have been interested in CP's for many years, and the last 3 or so as an
avid collector.
My favourites would have to be (what else) Nepenthes, but also have a mid
sized collection of most other CP's.
I live in a little town called Neerim South, approx 100 kilometres (60
miles) East of Melbourne, Australia. Neerim South is fairly high up in the
mountains, and the temperature range in Summer Min 10C (50F) to Max 40C
(bloody hot!). In Winter Min -3C to Max 15C. We are on tank water (collected
off our house roof), so the CP's really appreciated this.
My CP's are set up in a plastic hot-house, which is water (fog) cooled in
Summer (by thermostat). I have heating for the winter nights, but due to the
expense, this only comes on if it drops below freezing. Unfortunately, this
stops me from growing the Lowland Nepenthes, however the Highland do rather
well. One day, I may just talk my wife into allowing better heating.
(Sometimes she just doesn't understand the important things in life . . .
(sigh) :-)
Anyway, it's a great time of year in Australia, spring has really brought
the plants out in all their glory. You can just about hear the Fly Traps
creaking open their jaws!

Look forward to hearing from other collectors.
BTW, how many of you are there out there?

Paul Edwards.

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