nuking peat

Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 21:15:46 PDT

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:15:46 EDT
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Subject: nuking peat

  I have been microwaving my peat for some time now, and it seems to get rid
of pests(I have not noticed even fungus gnats since). I put it in a small
card-board box and nuke it in our rotating microwave for about a nine-minute
stint. there is a quick-time setting that goes to nine, so I just do it for
that long. Maybe a few minutes is enought. Do not try two nine-minute
stints in a row. Don't forget why peat was valued for centuries. When my
wife asked, "whatever you're cooking is burning", man did I sprint to the
kitchen. The box was not on fire yet, but there were glowing embers in the
peat and it was smoking quite profusely. Rich Ellis has mentioned to some of
us that there may be need for a support group for spouses of CP growers.
Maybe someone should start a listserve for that purpose?

  Joe Griffin
  Lincoln, Nebraska

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