Re: N. mirabilis under lights

Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 22:48:50 PDT

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 01:48:50 EDT
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Subject: Re: N. mirabilis under lights

<< I have recently moved some of my Nepenthes from a windowsill to
 under some flurescent lights. One is doing well, but the other one
 is starting to go red on the leaves. This has never happened to me
 before, so if someone could fill me in on what might be happening,
 I'd appreciate it.
 Chris F. >>

Hey Chris,
My mirabilis growing under lights do the same thing, as well as some other
forms of nepenthes (I can think of merriliana, burkei, and faizaliana off the
top of my head)'ve either got your light level perfect, or slightly too
high....if the leaves grow smaller, or show signs of burning, then its too do have to be careful, because the plant may be in perfect
lighting conditions now, but will climb into a light level that is too
high..mirabilis' have really thin leaves, so you must be careful not to burn also must be careful when misting the plants...mist them when the
lights have just been turned off..if you mist while the lights are on or just
prior to them turning on, the bright light combined with water droplets will
cause spot burns on the leaves...this type of lighting does add a beautiful
effect to the entire plant that I really like...
Michael Catalani

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