Re: Importing From Malesiana Tropicals

Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 22:30:24 PDT

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 01:30:24 EDT
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Subject: Re: Importing From Malesiana Tropicals

Hello Gang,
I have had several orders processed by Tuan and Ch'ien Lee at Malesiana
Tropicals, and spoke to a person who had actually visited them onsite. They
operate a top notch operation, and their plants are excellent. Some of the
plants they delivered to me have had root systems so well established that
they exceeded 6"-8" in length. If you are looking to import from them and
reside in the US, the procedure is very straightforward. You will need permit
form numbers PPQ 597 and 622. This import permit costs $70, is good for two
years, and is available from the USDA. It took less than two weeks to receive
mine back processed from the USDA. They will also send you green and yellow
shipping stickers. A copy of the permits and the stickers must be sent to
malesiana tropicals. Since malesiana tropicals does not charge for the
phytosanitary certificate or cites permit fees, the only expense you have to
pay above the costs of the plants are: 1. The one time charge of $70 for
import permits. 2. The freight charges. 3. The import tax. Once shipped,
the plants arrive to you in about 5 days via the quarantine inspection
station. Plants from malesiana seem to breeze through the quarantine
inspection in a few hours, probably due to the way the plants are packed and
clearly labeled. If you plan on importing from many different foreign
nurseries, it may be in your interest you get an import permit. ... but most
foreign nurseries charge for a phytosanitary certificate, and that can add
another $60-$120 to each order. If you are only looking at ordering a few
plants, then the cost will be high, and its better to buy the same plants
from a US distributor. I do not want this message to be a discouragement to
anyone to import on their own, as it has been a very rewarding experience for
me. But unless you're looking at buying a large number of plants, the
overseas shipping and and permit price (and phyto charges for nurseries
except malesiana tropicals) will make it a somewhat expensive process. Thats
why you have guys like Andrew Marshall, Tom Hayes, and myself (and others I'm
sure) who act as distributors for them, as we buy a large number of plants
which offsets the shipping and permit fees.

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