Humidity Question

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Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 20:34:25 PDT

Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 20:34:25 -0700
From: "Irena Kuharska" <>
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Subject: Humidity Question

Hello all!
I've read several articles about growin CP indoors, mainly Nepenthes. And
I've read the general rule of thumb was if an Orchid could grow, so can a
CP. Well, I've been growing 4 Orchids on my window sill, which gets about 4
hours of morning sunlights. They have been doing great for the entire year I
have lived here. I have one orchid alone that has been blooming for over 7
months! I'm still worried about throwing a Nepenthes here however, because I
don't think the humidity here is high enough. Does anyone have any
experience about humidity requirements?

Also, thanks everyone with the advice on a water system. Once I get back
home, I'm going to get started on it.

Joe Harden
If you are going to email me, use and not the address
above; that one is my Mother-in-Laws. Carnivorous Kingdom!

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