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Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 01:12:34 PDT

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 09:12:34 +0100
From: Phil Wilson <>
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My one attempt to grow this species from seed last year resulted in
three seedlings. I did nothing special with regards to soil or growing
conditions. I used a standard soil mix of three part sphagnum peat to
one part lime free sand. The pot stood in my frost free greenhouse at a
minimum temperature of 5C. The seeds were sown last September. Two
seedlings germinated about 6 weeks later, a third germinated over the
past summer. I was a little concerned that such late germination would
lead to difficulties keeping the seedlings alive through our relatively
long winter but these worries were unfounded. The seedlings are however
extremely slow growing. At the present with about a year's growth they
are still only about 10mm in height!

If anyone is interested I have collected seed from my own D. regia
plants which is priced at 1 UK pound or 1.50 US Dollars a packet
including shipping.

>>Does anyone know the cultural requirements for growing D. regia from seed,
>>including soil type, temp ranges and lighting?
>>Danny M.
> Check out the following:
> Kevin's one of the few guys who's been successful with this plant
>in the Pacific Northwest. His secret seems to be neglect ;-)! Really
>though, from what I've read this plant doesn't like a lot of fussing and
>disturbance, and once big enough, pretty much takes care of itself, in a
>lot of ways.
>Happy growing,

Phil Wilson
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