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Dear All

I tried some Nitrozyme back in 1997. I scored a small bottle as a
freebie at a hydroponics shop and then talked my way into
photocopying the company blurb that went with it. Apparently it is
manufactured from 'Irish Moss' a type of seakelp that grows in the
cooler waters around the world. It is supposed to be jam-packed
full of Cytocykinins the 'active ingredient(s)' and a list of trace
elements as long as your arm(Periodic Table)!

I tried it on some Cps first and got absolutely no response and so
then tried it on everywhich weed I could fine around the house
with the same effect.

My finally opinion is that maybe the Cytokinins had been degraded
by microorganisms over time; since the bottles I saw were not
stored in a refrigerator at the hydroponics store as most plant
growth regulators should be, or that this product is just a waste
sideline from the 'real?-Carrageenan extraction for Heinz Baby
Food?' use for Irish Moss and that the company is just trying to be
very alchemaic or environmentally friendly by trying to turn their
"waste" into your Gold. Though if you buy this product I think you
are probably taking away their refuse and lining their pockets with
your green nest-eggs.

If it looks humorous, feels humorous, smells like humour and tastes
like humour then it's probably a laugh being shared by the company



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