Lithrops ( sorry this is off-topic )

From: Amy E. Ritchie (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 16:26:39 PDT

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 19:26:39 -0400
From: "Amy E. Ritchie" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg3192$foo@default>
Subject: Lithrops ( sorry this is off-topic ) 

Hi all,
I'm sorry that this post is way off-topic, but I know that alot of people
that keep CPs also keep cactus and succulents.
I was wondering if anyone out there could sell any lithrops ("living
stones" - they're a type of succulent) to me.
I just can't seem to find many people selling these.

Thanks, and I won't post any more off topic things again,


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