Re: Water for Utricularia reniformis and other CPs

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Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 11:23:13 PDT

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 15:23:13 -0300
From: "Fernando Rivadavia-Lopes" <>
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Subject: Re: Water for Utricularia reniformis and other CPs

Tudo bom Miguel?

>I wonder if Utric. reniformis can grow with tap (limy) water rich in salts.
>I ask this because I built a pond where I placed water lilies, and other
>normal aquatic plants, but all these plants grow in loam, and they need
>many nutrients. So, the water of the pond is very rich in minerals. I
>wanted to plant CPs in the margins (in peat moss, of course), but I don't
>know how will they behave. I made the experience with Utricularia vulgaris,
>and it's spectacular, it's growing like a weed, even with this water.

              U.reniformis is a very adaptable species, growing in all sorts
of habitats in the wild, from sea level to nearly 3000m, from dry to
water-logged habitats, from acid to alkaline soils, and occurring in sand,
peat, live sphagnum, or even (very rarily) inside bromeliads. I don't know
if you would have to obtain a strain of U.reniformis from a nutrient-rich
habitat or if all U.reniformis are adaptable. So I suggest you just try it
and see what happens. And don't forget to tell us all about your results

Ate' mais,

Fernando Rivadavia
Sao Paulo, Brasil

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