D. slackii

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Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 19:26:59 PDT

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 22:26:59 EDT
From: FOODBAG@aol.com
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Subject: D. slackii

>Once I was wondering why I couldn't seem to find anything on D. slackii,
>and then I talked to a guy that said D. slackii was just recently given
>it's name. What was D. slackii's name before it was D. slackii? I can't
>seem to find anything about it's care. I saw a picture of a D. spathulata
>and it looked EXACTLY like my D. slackii. Do they just look similar, or
>could this be what it was named before...?? I'm all confused.
>If anyone can tell me, is D. slackii a temperate or tropical drosera, and
>does it need anything special that the others don't? I'm asking this
>because of all the sundews I have, this one hasn't had a drop of dew on
>it since the day I got it - maybe I'm doing something wrong.
>Anyway, maybe someone here can give me some info on this sundew.


  When I received my D. slackii, I planted it in a peat/sand mixture and it
grew okay for a while, but it started to get less vigorous and became less
dewey. I made root cuttings and planted them in long-fibered sphagnum and
now I have a dozen healthy, dew-covered plants. I don't know how recent the
name was changed, but I have had the species for three or four years and have
heard of it prior to getting one. I seem to remember reading somewhere that
the plant was named Drosera "Highland Red," at one time, but don't quote me
on that. It is from South Africa and seems to like the same kind of
conditions you would grow spatulata, aliciae, capillaris. Kind of a
sub-tropical environment.
  Hope that info helps you out.

  Joe Griffin
  Lincon, Nebraska

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